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The estimation is a fundamental step for the realization of the sale. At the right price, a property should generally be sold within 15 days to 6 months maximum (thanks to the agency's client file, with advertising and new contacts) on its specific market.

A bad appreciation of the price will slow down the sale operation and will be harmful for the image of the property. The real estate agent must therefore be able to establish a price range for an effective sale of a property.

To evaluate the property, he relies on his experience and his empirical knowledge of the sector, he will take into consideration the situation and the state of the property on its market.

For more than 20 years, the Peris agency has been using its knowledge of the market and its experience to estimate your property accurately.

NB: The value of a property estimated by a real estate agent is not opposable before certain authorities such as the tax authorities, a notary, a judge or a third party. It is generally used within the framework of the setting in sale of a good, only the expertise is opposable.

Real Estate Expertise
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