The real estate life annuity is a contract signed between a buyer and a seller.

The seller transfers his property at the time of signing the contract. On his side, the buyer commits himself to pay a sum of money the day of the signature of the contract (bouquet) and a life annuity in a periodic way.

95% of life annuities are "occupied" life annuities. In this case, the salesman (crédirentier) remains in the places because it enjoys its Right of Use and Dwelling (DUH).

The bouquet is the sum paid in cash by the debirentier (the buyer) to the creditor (the seller) on the day of the (the salesman) the day of the notarial act. This sum is freely fixed by the parts and can represent represent up to 30% of the market value of the property. This last having been previously defined between buyer and seller at the time of the sale.

Annuities are paid periodically by the buyer to the seller. The payment is generally life (until the death of the salesman). Their value is determined by a scale in which appears (classically) the age and the sex of an individual. To these variables is associated a coefficient which makes it possible to convert the constitutive capital (market value - bouquet) into annuity.

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